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baby headbands made with love

Headbands, hats and hair clips
made with love. Dozens to choose from!
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A selection of our gorgeous headbands

  • purple flower on white crochet headband
    red bow on white crochet headband
    pink now on nylon headband
    huge selection of bows
  • Lace, chrochet and nylon bands

    We offer a selection of different fabrics and materials to go with the flower or bow of your choice.

    Our large ranges gives you the choice to pick a headband or 3 based on your personal preference. The crochet headbands are thick, warm and wide, where as the lace gives a thinner subtle look to your little angel.

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    Flowers, polka dots, bows, crystals and much more!

    We offer a range of centerpieces for your babys headband. These range from big, fuzzy flowers to tiny little bows. We also offer the option to have the bow as a detachable hairclip, velcro or an all-in-one piece.

    We stock a massive variety of colours, all the colours of the rainbow plus much more. We also do custom and personal hairbands to order, so don't hesitate to get in touch!

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    Tell me more about your range

    Frequently asked questions and other snippets of useful information!

    A selection of our gorgeous headbands

    • Baby headbands with bows

      Ever popular! We offer a great selection of lovely headbands with bows. Our bows come in many shapes and sizes, including plain colour, polka dot bows and more!

      We offer a whole spectrum of different colours to suit your mood and personal preference. We one thing is for certain - your little one will look adorable.

      light blue bow on white nylon headband on childs head
      red, purple, white and black bows
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      Setting things up

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      • Baby headbands with flowers

        We stock a wide and vibrant range of baby headbands with flowers.

        We offer a mulltitude of options - from detachable flower child-friendly hairclips to all-in-ones. Our flower collection will really make your little one stand out from the crowd.

        selection of flowers
        White lace headband and white flower on childs head
        • Headbands for special occasions

          Does your little one need a headband for a christening, birthday or a wedding? Look no further. We consistently supply our customers with our very own Special Collection designed for that joyous occasion.

          We also create custom headbands on order so don't hesitate to get in touch.

          pink baby headband for wedding
          white baby headband for christening

          About BabyHeadbands

          We are a family based company that focuses on good value and good service
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            How we started and our core values as a company.

            Baby headbands was born after I, Julia, a mother of two, searched high and low on the Internet yet still could not find a nice and vibrant headband for my little princess Ellie from a site based in the UK.

            All of our range is the result of extensive research by family and friends, and of course you! We run a monthly 'Submit a photo of your little one' competition on Facebook.

            Finally it is a pleasure to to have such loyal customers and proactive, and I am always available to chat or take suggestions on Facebook or Twitter. If you would like a custom headband making for your little one, I'm just a message away.

            We have opened our brand new and secure online shop where you can browse the full selection. As always our motto is "gorgeous, quick and cheerful" and that is the service you will recieve.
            Thank you

            Julia x